Free Graphic Design & Other Services

From perks to add-ons, what we have to offer.

Free Design Pledge

Offering free design is not a new experiment for us...

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...nor is it a marketing tool that will be tossed out for the next campaign. It’s been the model of our family-owned business for over 40 years. So you can trust that our pledge of free design for all orders, whether new or reorder, is here to stay. And, you can be confident that if you print with us today and need to make changes or re-design in the future, we will still offer you our design services at no charge.

Us vs. The Competitor

Four Reasons we’re a better choice...

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Reason #1: One stop shopping

Get things done faster by having your design and printing all done in one facility. Once you approve a design it will immediately be put in queue for printing. No waiting for order placing, transferring files or the last minute back-and-forth between designer and printer.

Reason #2: Snowflake Design vs. Cup Cake Design.

We do not use pre-designed templates. You are trying to differentiate your business from your competitors. Our designers will help do just that with a design that is unique for your business so that you never run the risk of a promotional piece looking like your neighbors or, even worse, your competitors.

Reason #3: You don’t have to budget in the cost of a designer.

Other printers may offer you low cost printing, but you will be limited to one of their pre-designed templates or hire a designer to create a look for you. The cost of a designer can be unpredictable. We remove that unpredictability from the process by including design in our low price.

Reason #4: Upfront Pricing.

Don’t be mislead by printers that offer low cost printing then charge for extra design or other perks like coating. With G.A. Printing, choose your size and quantity, add shipping and sales tax (NC only) and you have it. What could be easier? Prefer aqueous or UV coating? No problem, it is included in the price.

Our Services

What's included in the price?

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Full Service Graphic Design, the Hallmark of our services.

Every order includes the expert services of our graphic design team at no extra charge. Our designers are experienced professionals who can turn your sketches and ideas into an eye-catching marketing piece right here in our facilities. Our designers have access to cutting edge design tools and are well versed on industry standards and current trends.


There are several paper options included in our Standard Pricing array of products. You can choose from C1S, C2S, Matte, Recycled or Enamel. Each of our Standard Products has multiple sizes to suit your needs. Since coating is included, you can choose from Aqueous or UV at no extra charge.

If one of our Standard Products does not fit your project, we still offer you Free Graphic Design.

Scanning and Color Correction of Your Photographs

You can send us your digital photos, photographic prints, slides, transparencies, negatives, or even film separations. Our trained color correction specialists will scan your pictures and modify color levels where necessary.

Stock Clip Art and Stock Photography

Our designers have access to an extensive library of clip art and stock photography. If there is a particular image that you would like included in your design, just let us know and we will be glad to search our image database.

Proofing Your Order

Our proofing options include online PDF proofs through our website, email proofs and/or faxed proof. Upon request we can provide our most accurate hard copy proof, a Xerox Digital Print. This type of proof is as close as possible to your printed product.

The Process - What's Involved

From your idea to product in hand. How we make it happen.

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Get Prepared. What We Need From You.

Basically, all we need from you to get started is a general mockup of your ideas along with your photos, text, logo and a deposit. For more detailed information and check lists vist the Getting Started section of the Ordering Page.

Get In Touch.

Once you have prepared, simply get in touch with us and we will assign a print specialist to you. You can call us, send an email or contact us through this website. You can visit our Contact Page for more information. From this point on, your print specialist will guide you through the remainder of the process.

We Get To Work.

After you have provided all of the necessary information, media and a deposit to your print representative, one of our designers will create a unique design for you. We will proof your project in-house for errors and accuracy before sending a proof to you.


Once your project has been designed and proofed, we will send a copy of that proof to you. You may, at this time, make any corrections or alterations needed, request another proof or approve for printing. At this time we offer two types of proofing; hard copy by mail or PDF by email. In the near future we will be offering a more streamlined online proofing system.

Final Approval.

You may approve your project for print by email or fax. Once we receive your approval, we proof your project for press and then add it to our print queue for the next available print run.


We use FedEx Ground for shipping. If you require another method of shipping, please speak to your print representative about other options.